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Western Digital adds BBC iPlayer and Netflix to its TV Live player, announces new 'personal cloud' back-up solution

Western Digital is expanding the capabilities of its home network products, adding the BBC iPlayer and Netflix movies and TV shows to its WD TV Live wireless streaming client.

It's also launching a new back-up system for its MyBook series, complete with 'personal cloud' access from computers, tablets and smartphones.

The update is applicable to third-generation versions of the WD TV Live streaming player, and will add Netflix in the UK and Ireland, and BBC iPlayer in the UK. That will open up over 400 hours of video and audio content from the BBC, and enable owners of the TV LIve with a Netflix membership to connect through the device to watch on their TV.

The new services join a range of 'channels' available on the WD device, including Spotify and YouTube, and the player can also handle video and audio content stored on a network, or locally on US memory devices.

New for the My Book range of network-attached storage (NAS) devices is the My Book Live Duo, combining the security of RAID protection through mirrored drives with automatic system back-up using either WD SmartWare for PCs or Apple Time Machine for Macs.

In addition, the Duo creates shared 'Personal Cloud' storage accessible from anywhere on the network, or indeed anywhere in the world using secure remote access.

This is possible on any computer using the company's website, or using WD mobile apps for iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad or Android Smartphones.

The system also has built-in DLNA/UPnP streaming, and can even stream to smartphones or tablets via the WD2go mobile app.

My Book Live Duo is available in two capacities, and sells for £410 for 4TB, or £500 for 6TB.

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