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iOS 8.2 update brings Apple Watch app to your iPhone

Last night Apple released the latest verson of iOS (8.2) and if you're an iPhone user it comes with an automatic download of a new Apple Watch app, which includes three slick promotional videos for the watch with a voiceover by Apple design chief Jony Ive.

Clearly Apple is sparing no effort to promote its newest gadget prior to the launch on 24th April (it will be available for pre-order from 10th April).

The Apple Watch comes in three models - the standard Watch, Watch Sport and the high-end Watch Edition - with prices starting from $349 for the two cheaper models up to a wallet-busting $10,000 for the Watch Edition.

The Watch app allows you to pair the device directly with your iPhone, and includes three videos for users to watch: 'Reveal', 'Introducing Apple Watch' and 'Health and Fitness.' There is also a link to the forthcoming App Store built exclusively for the Watch.

Yesterday we reported that the Apple Watch has 2GB of storage for playing music without an iPhone.

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