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CES 2016: Samsung to make all its next-gen smart TVs IoT ready

Samsung has confirmed that its entire 2016 smart TV line-up will be compatible with the Internet of Things. The SmartThings open platform allows users to connect, manage and control smart devices and IoT services via their TV.

The Korean giant says it has developed its own IoT hub technology with SmartThings to control Samsung devices and more than 200 other SmartThings-compatible products from third-party companies, including connected lights and locks to thermostats and cameras.

To provide full support for the technology owners will need a SmartThings Extend USB adapter.

At CES 2016 next week Samsung will showcase the future of TV and demonstrate how its latest smart TVs will be at the centre of an expanding IoT ecosystem.

"The 2016 line-up of smart TVs will offer consumers new possibilities and cement Samsung's market-leading position as the first company to launch IoT-ready TVs," says Hyun Suk Kim, president of the visual display business at Samsung.

We will bring you more details of this and other highlights from the Samsung CES press conference on Tuesday, January 5th.

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