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Bluesound confirms MQA hi-res support will be free upgrade

MQA is the new audio technology that promises to make hi-res music files easier to stream without consuming huge amounts of bandwidth or sacrificing quality, and there have already been a number of announcements at CES 2016 concerning hardware support.

Tidal showcased hi-res streaming using MQA, while HTC demoed its One A9 phone streaming MQA hi-res files.

Now Bluesound has got in on the act, announcing all of its products - 1st-gen and 2nd-gen - will soon be MQA compatible. A free firmware update will bring MQA support to all Bluesound products later this year. The only thing missing - as with Tidal - is an official release date.

The Award-winning multi-room system will also be demonstrating a proof of concept at CES, streaming hi-res MQA files on one of its products on the CES show floor.

Greg Stidsen, Bluesound director of technology and product planning, said: "MQA is at the very forefront of digital audio, and we’re proud to lead the way for wireless multi-room systems to support MQA’s lossless audio files. Fusing Bluesound’s proprietary BluOSsoftware and advanced audio architecture, with MQA’s scientific approach to digital processing, makes it possible for listeners to stream authentic Studio Master recordings in real time with enhanced audio quality."

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