£ 495

Punches well above its weight – it’s a great system upgrade

£ 2350

Not cheap, but delivers a very impressive performance

£ 430

Small sub, but packs a real punch

£ 650

New REL sub offers powerful bass in a compact package

£ 300

A fast, articulate and detailed sub

£ 525

The Velodyne WiConnect-10 subwoofer can't get up to speed

£ 1400

Velodyne's SPL-1000 Ultra subwoofer is another star

£ 550

This is a big subwoofer so it needs a big room, but it suffers from lack of finesse

£ 775

The Velodyne CHT-12Q is a seriously weighty subwoofer

£ 200

The Teufel T1000W gives the impression that you're getting a lot for your money