What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Mon, 16 Jun 2008, 9:00pm

Netgear Readynas Duo

Tested at £240

A quiet and efficient device, but expensive at 48p per gigabyte

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  • Can accommodate two hard disks
  • three USB ports


  • Awkward to set up, and poor technical support


This Netgear has two hard disk bays, allowing you to add a second 500GB hard disk for back-up or expansion to 1TB. It also has three USB ports, so you can add another external drive and a printer, and still keep the front slot available for easy transfer from things such as USB sticks.

This is the only device here that gave us problems at set-up, and technical support was pretty poor, too. Once up and running, however, the Netgear is a quiet and efficient operator. The problem is that, at 48p per gigabyte, storage here is fairly pricey compared with the rest of the competition.

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