Xbox 360 to get external Blu-ray drive?

9 Oct 2008

Xbox 360
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Remember HD-DVD? Remember the format war? Well of course the likes of Microsoft and Toshiba were firmly on the losing side, and as a result the Xbox 360 was given a rather poor external HD-DVD drive – this could be about to change.

The Internet is now awash with rumours that Microsoft will bite the bullet and release a Blu-ray drive for its Xbox 360 console.

'Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology Corp.' is said to have won the contract to build the device, which begs the question, will Toshiba now be making Blu-ray players? Naturally we're trying to get a comment from Toshiba...

With Christmas looming, and the big CES Show in Las Vegas in January next year, could it be that this is the big announcement that Microsoft has up its sleeve?

Perhaps the growing momentum of the PS3, as a games machine and a Blu-ray player, is finally going to force the powers that be at Microsoft to act... We shall see.

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I agree with Andrew and to top that bet you it will priced so over the top it wont be worth buying..just buy a seperate blue ray will more than likley work out cheaper

Well i have the HD Drive and the picture looks great to me.

Even if they do, it's not going to sell well. PS3 sold well as a Blu-Ray player as, in the beginning, it was one of the best budget players and nowadays, people see it as amazing value for money (so long as you want the extra features that come with the PS3).

I love the Xbox as a games machine, but no one's going to buy one thinking of Blu-Ray as it will be an external drive which won't fit in well under the TV.