Panasonic officially ends plasma TV production

31 Oct 2013

Panasonic plasma TV

Panasonic has officially confirmed the end of its plasma TV business, with production of Panasonic plasma display panels to cease in December 2013.

Business operations at the three Panasonic PDP factories in Japan will stop by March 2014, with the existing range of award-winning TVs set to be Panasonic's last.

Rumours have dogged Panasonic's plasma TV business this year, with the first hints of an end to its plasma TV business coming in March, followed recently by a fresh rumour at the start of October 2013, which was subsequently denied.

In the statement released today, Panasonic states that it will end plasma production "in order to create a business structure that can respond to changes in the business environment and to acclerate the growth strategy of the company".

Panasonic UK has confirmed to that "post-purchase service of Plasma TVs will not be affected and will continue to be available after March 2014".

Panasonic is bullish, quite fairly, about its strength in the plasma TV market over the last decade or so, having kept faith with plasma for its larger sets, which have been rightly revered in AV circles. The Panasonic TX-P42GT60, TX-P50GT60 and TX-P55VT65B all won best-in-class gongs at our Awards 2013.

The company cites "the rapid development of large-screen LCDs" and "severe price competiton in the global market brought on by the Lehman Shock in September 2008" as reasons for adapting its business away from plasma TV production.

The company also confirms that despite "high appraisal" for its plasma TVs, there had been "declining demand for PDP in the flat panel display market".

The statement goes on to say, "it was judged that continuing the business would be difficult and a decision was made to stop production".

The existing Panasonic 2013 TVs will be the last Panasonic plasmas, with the company stating it "will work to develop and provide appealing products which meet the demands of customers, and will aim towards new development of its visual and display businesses". 

The company says it's "embracing the possibilities with our 4K LCD-LED and other LCD-LED models.

"For example, we are very excited about the recent launch of the world’s first 4K Ultra HD TV with a 4K 50/60p Input designed based on HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort™1.2a specification.

"Panasonic is also working on further developing OLED technology, recently showcasing at IFA 2013 a 4K OLED 55-inch panel prototype produced through the 'RGB all-printing method'."

The news comes on the same day that Sony announced a 40% cut in its full-year profit forecast, citing the Sony TV division as one of the struggling arms of the Japanese giant's business.

OPINION: Shed a tear for the demise of plasma TV


by Joe Cox

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Yes, we realise the TX-L32E6B is an LCD set, we were merely listing all the Panasonic sets that recently won an Award rather than specifically saying it was a plasma. But as it seems to be confusing, I've removed it from the list.

the TX-L32E6B is an LCD panel contrary to what the article suggests. TX-L = LCD, TX-P = plasma. easy.

it's not rocket surgery,

I've certainly followed your problems with your TV, StanleyAV! And of course read threads on our Forums. Regardless, I don't think it needs me to point out that the company's plasma TVs were popular and will be missed by many people.

@Joe Cox, if you've followed the web grapevine on different forums over the years,you'll find that no matter what awards Panasonic receives - there have alwaysbeen problems dogging their plasma technology with Panasonic been found wanting when it comes to customer service.


I suggest you read

a typical customer service scenario when dealing with Panasonic UK.

I've come up short myself with them as the previous group editor, Clare Newsome -can attest too.

So if anything it should be a relief that customers no longer have to turn to Panasonic for the latest screen technology. Laughing out loud

That's a shame. I was just looking at plasmas today in case mine goes bang. LCD and LED are just so vulgar and garish in comparison. There are still some reasonably priced Samsungs available.

hahaha!! gotta love a bit of 128Kbps Mp3 music. I <3 Lack of detail! 

Shame, I love my panny plasma, I bought it about 18 months ago in preference to an LED TV

My TX-P42G15 is still going strong. Great picture with great viewing angles. I love the fact it has twin tuner with freesat HD. It's the predecessor to the one with a USB socket which can take a Skype webcam.

I paid GB£750 for it, and it would have cost well over double to get an LCD which offered even vaguely the same picture quality.

So I shall be looking for a high end 46" or 50" one in the sales to replace it, if I can score one at even the same price I'd be very very pleased!! The hard part will be smuggling the upgrade into the house past my wife.

More shopping channels would be good why not more adverts as well go the whole hog? Most people just do not care enough about quality I still love my 60in Pioneer plasma and I will not be replacing it for many years do not want all the gimmicks its quality for me every time. Sadly the internet does not help specialist retailers where the majority of quality sets may have been sold we are stuck with the high street chains where the staff mostly would not recognise a good TV if it hit them over the head? A really sad day for Plasma its a shame they cannot get the costs to simylar levels as LED although OLED might get to Plasma quality in the future lets hope so


Next year's Awards Magazine is going to look different!

It may indeed Wink

Who wants quality anyhow? Let's all have huge amounts of cheap $h1te instead.

The sooner CD's go the way of plasma the better too - make everyone buy mp3's I say.

And while we're at it, let's have more shopping channels on TV!

A great business decision made by Panasonic.I run a small business and what ever does not sale it has no place in my inventory. So Panasonic has finally wised up.Even the Chinese aren't interested and they are going to be a big 4k uhd maker.Massive.Just what the market needs.

Every one is going Led 4k uhd and OLed place for plasma. Down and out.


Next year's Awards Magazine is going to look different!

I have 3 Panasonic plasma TVs and find them excellent. The oldest just had it's 10th birthday and still looks like new, no ghosting at all. Betamax was better than VHS but lost, now plasma is better than LCD but lost. The marketing men win again.

A moments silence for the champion of champions in PDP technology.

Sad day!