Following its world-first classical Blu-ray release, specialist label offers titles as high-resolution stereo and multifchannel downloads, and sets up free sampling site

Just a few weeks after releasing the world's first audio-only classical Blu-ray Disc, Norwegian label 2L is making more of its music available as high-resolution downloads.

Its recording of the Mozart Violin Concertos, played by the TrondheimSolistene with soloist Marianne Thorsen, can now be downloaded as 24-bit/96kHz FLAC files in either stereo or 5.1-channel surround, or in 24-bit/192kHzFLAC form.

What's more, anyone interested in hi-rez music downloads can access the company's "test bench" site, where a variety of sample tracks can be downloaded free.

For example, the Allegro from the Mozart D Major concerto is available as everything from the original 1.1GB DXD file all the way down to a 29MB WMA 10 Pro surround version.

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That allows you to download all the files and, provided you have suitable player software, make your own comparisons.

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