It's time to round up the news and reviews that have graced What Hi-Fi? this past week – including details of products and services from Microsoft, Polk and Rega.

This week on What Hi-Fi?, we reported on Microsoft's latest version of Windows, Rega announced a limited edition version of its RP1 turntable as well as news of potential 8K broadcasts from Japan.

On the reviews front, we had two very good soundbars in the form of Toshiba's SB3950M1 and Polk Audio's N1.


Windows 10 launch: 6 key highlights

Microsoft announced its latest operating system this week, but it decided to skip Windows 9 and make a beeline straight for Windows 10.

Users of Windows 7, 8 and Windows Phone will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free (for a year only), but there were many more details to trickle out of Microsoft's press event - including a new web browser, integration of Windows 10 and Xbox and the intriguing new virtual reality headset HoloLens.

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Record Store Day: Rega to release limited edition RP1 turntable

While Record Store Day is still three months away (April 18th), Rega is to release a limited edition version of its Award-winning RP1 turntable.

As part of the company's sponsorship of the event, 500 of these special turntables will be made. Each one will carry the Record Store Branding, although that's the only noticeable difference from the original RP1 deck. 

You can pre-order the turntable now for £250.

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8K TV: Japan aims for 8K broadcasts in 2020

We haven't had a 4K broadcast standard in the UK, but Japan is already looking at 8K broadcasts.

The Japan Broadcasting Corporation's plans for 8K broadcasts has been approved by its board of governors, with the Japan 2020 Olympics to be shown in 8K - or what they're dubbing as 'Super Hi-Vision'.

With a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320, 8K can deliver a colossal 33 millions pixels. Tests for the format are scheduled to start in 2016.

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"This Toshiba is just the ticket for those looking to take the first step in boosting their TV’s audio."

Toshiba SB3950M1

The first of two soundbar reviews this week and it's an enjoyable effort from Toshiba.

This is a soundbar that, despite its slim profile, can provide the necessary grunt and muscle to power a soundtrack. An unrefined treble performance is an issue but for £190 there's a lot of promise in this Tosh.

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"As its size might suggest, the N1 produces a big sound: open, spacious and with the potential to go pretty loud."

Polk Audio N1

Polk Audio is an American brand, so you may not be aware of its audio products. Give the N1 a listen and we're sure you'll want to know what else they have.

As befits its large size, the N1 produces a big and open sound with a decent amount of detail. It lacks a separate sub but on its own the bar is capable of providing some heft.

For both games and movies this is a talented performer.

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