The best of the news and reviews on What Hi-Fi? this week – including the latest products and services from HRT, Marantz and Unison Research.

This week on What Hi-Fi?, we reported on Marantz's announcement of several new additions to its home cinema and hi-fi line-up.

In other news, Google finalised the acquisition of streaming site Twitch and the rumour mill is suggesting that HTC could be about to launch an update of the One M8 smartphone with Windows Phone replacing Android.

In terms of reviews it was another good week. HRT's Stage stereo system impressed us greatly, as did Unison Research's Triode 25 amplifier, while Geneva's update of its Model M dock is a commendable effort.

This week also sees the September issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision bounding into stores, bringing you the latest news and reviews in the hi-fi world.

We take a look at affordable 4K TVs, along with some premium headphones and AV amps around the £500 price range.

The September issue is available from newsagents now and if you fancy downloading the digital edition, or a copy for your iPad, you can do so right here.


Marantz unveils new home cinema and hi-fi products

There's been a spate of new products announced this week, but the biggest one was Marantz taking the covers off of several new products.

The Japanese manufacturer unveiled two home cinema receivers – the SR7009 and the SR6009 – along with the entry-level CD5005 CD player and PM5005 amplifier.

The two receivers will be out soon, while the CD player and amplifier are already available.

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HTC to launch Windows Phone version of One M8 smartphone?

Rumours abound that Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC are looking to include Microsoft's Windows Phone OS in a new revision of the One M8 smartphone.

All signs point to an event to be held in New York on August 19th, where the phone is expected to be unveiled with the same specs as before, but with a Windows Phone OS taking the place of Android.

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Google seals $1bn deal for video game streaming service Twitch

It looks as if Google has finalised the acquisition of streaming site Twitch after negotiations began in late May.

The deal, which has seen the YouTube arm of Google take control of the service, is expected to cost $1bn with the new service likely to be incorporated within YouTube's existing infrastructure.

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"Judge the Stage on sound quality alone and it has few rivals"

HRT Stage

First up on the reviews list is the HRT Stage and it's a belter.

It's an odd looking stereo system, full of sloping curves and slanted lines but the sound it generates is wonderfully rich.

The lack of inputs is something of a barrier, but based on performance alone there are few that can match it.

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"The Model M is a good purchase if you have only a few connections in mind"

Geneva Model M Wireless

An update of the Award-winning Model M dock, Geneva has had to go back to the drawing board following Apple's decision to move forward with its Lightning connector.

The result is a rather simple, drawn back effort that lacks the features and apps of its peers. The focus with Model M Wireless is on its sound and in that regard it's a strong performer.

However, at that price, we were hoping for a bit more functionality.

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"The Triode 25 sounds lovely, but we love its exotic appearance too"

Unison Research Triode 25

First off, the Triode 25 looks amazing. Secondly, it sounds brilliant.

There isn't much more we can ask for from an amplifier. There are a few niggles with it (namely the remote), but other than a need for some careful system matching, this is an absolutely terrific piece of hi-fi.

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