Bang & Olufsen launches extraordinary new wireless speaker: the BeoPlay A9

5 Oct 2012

B and O A9

Bang & Olufsen sub-brand B&O PLAY (where Bang & Olufsen ideas go to be made more affordable and youthful) has launched its latest wireless sound-system: the BeoPlay A9.

Looking not unlike an elegant, well-turned-out satellite dish, the A9 features an 8-inch woofer, two 3-inch midrange drivers and two 3/4-inch tweeters, each powered by individual class-D amplifiers – the woofer is treated to 160 watts of power, while the other four drivers receive 80 watts each.

Connectivity extends to AirPlay or Bluetooth via a free BeoSetup app, or by using the USB socket. Control is via the app or by using the integrated capacitive sensor.

B and O A9

The A9 has a dedicated DSP alogorithm, something B&O's calling Adaptive Bass Linearisation, which allows positioning either on the floor/table-top using the screw-in wooden legs or on the wall.

This being a B&O product, there are a number of options in colour and finish: seven, in fact, for the fabric and three for the legs.

The BeoPlay A9 goes on sale next month, and is expected to cost £1700.

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Well, we have reviewed the Beolit 12:

How come there are hardly any B&O reviews on there products ? They do seem a bit hard to come by.

I like B&O's idea of affordable


wonder if it would pick up the new 007movie channel of sky?!

Can it be customised with a picture of the cat or something?

Or how about an archery target? - looks like it comes from the Disney Robin Hood cartoon.

Like the way you have to have that enormous multicoloured subwoofer enclosure hidden round the corner.

Is it just me, or does that look like 1970s G-Plan furniture?

That's weird!