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Phono Stage advice needed

I have just replaced my amp with a Cyrus Pre vs2 / X Power combo. Because of this I am now in the situtation of needing a phono stage for the first time as my previous amps have all had an internal one.  My turntable is a Roksan Radius 5 with an modified RB300 arm with a Technoweight upgrade and Incognito Silver rewire. My current cartridge is a Goldring 1042 (mm). As said previously, the Phono stage will be connected to Pre vs2 / X Power and ATC SCM 11's. What sort of level should I be looking towards, to get the most from turntable without going to silly prices?



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Re: Phono Stage advice needed

Graham Slee Gram Amp 2 Communicator,  Creek OBH 15 / 18. At around 150 -200 mark....

Musical Fidelity VLPS at about 80 squids.

The sky is the limit on how much you want to spend.

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Re: Phono Stage advice needed

With your beatiful setup, IMO Pirmare R-20 or Project Tube Box would be a great.

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Re: Phono Stage advice needed

Thanks for the suggestions guys, the Tube Box looks intriguing

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