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RE: New Led Zep vinyl available to pre-order

Two of the 'new' tracks are being played om PlanetRock tomorrow morning. Good Times, Bad Times and Communication Breakdown are already streaming stateside, so not much of a world first really. Also the whole broadcast has been aired in France. Better than the usual though.

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RE: New Led Zep vinyl available to pre-order

Looking on the what vinyl has been listened to recently it looks like a few of you have bought these. Now I've got the Zep 1 triple and 2&3 as doubles all with a wrap around cellophane cover with the list of tracks on the back cellophane cover which when you remove gets wasted. Now am I missing something here? :wall:

If the albums were singles you could get away with just cutting down the one side and retaining the cellophane but this ain't possible with gatefold sleeves which you need to open up to get the album out. Seems a waste to put something on which is gonna get chucked away.

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RE: New Led Zep vinyl available to pre-order

I purchased the singles. Nothing printed on the cellophane.

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