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RE: Warm, musical budget integrated amp. Which?

Tibor wrote:

Looks like Pioneer will be my choice, the price is very good also.I can not listen the Denon, because there is not dealer around me with Denon amps

The A30 is a very good amp - much better than its price would suggest.  I won't be rushing to part with mine, even if it is currently not in use.  It is a subtle and refined amp and seems to have a real sense of ease in the way it deals with dynamic swings.

Back to simplicity, focus on what matters - the music.

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Is onkyo A-9010 good?

Tibor wrote:

I intend to replace my Arcam Alpha 7 R amplifier.

My system: Arcam CD 72 player, Acoustic Energy Neo 1 speakers.

Can you recomennd a musical, fluid sounding budget amplifier with no harsh treble?

-Denon PMA 720AE

-Pioneer A 30 (the cheapest in my country)

-Nad 326BEE: do not like because of inprecise  volume regulation with remonte (I was listening to it, the sound was very good, very musical with strong bass)

-Cambridge Audio Azur 351A

-Nad 316BEE

Sorry, the budget Rega amp and the Arcam A 19   amplifiers are over my budget  :cry:

I have no possibility to listen all these amps, so I need your help


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