Musical Fidelity launches V90 BLU Bluetooth receiver and M1 LPS phono stage

The 2014 Bristol Sound and Vision Show served up a captivating range of new products to whet the appetite, with a whole host of companies unveiling their latest products for the first time in the UK.

Among the manufacturers with new pieces of kit to share was British firm Musical Fidelity, which was showcasing the M8 500s power amp; the M1 LPS phono stage; and V90 BLU Bluetooth receiver (pictured above).

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The M8 500s is the latest addition to Musical Fidelity's M8 series, which has been designed to power any loudspeaker of your choice and delivers 500wpc that almost doubles into 4 Ohms.

Joining the M1 Series, the M1 LPS is described as a "more affordable" MM/MC phono stage and has been developed in response to the upturn in vinyl business over the last couple of years.

Meanwhile, the V90 BLU Bluetooth receiver is able to stream music from smartphones, tablets and a range of other Bluetooth-enabled devices to your favourite hi-fi system.

It is designed to provide high quality playback from its internal upsampling, and also has three inputs and three outputs – including a digital output if you want to hook up a digital-to-analogue converter.

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by Pete Hayman

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