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Focal JMLab 915.1

I have the chance to buy a used pair of Focal JMLab 915.1 floorstanders. They are around 4 years old and are being sold for around 2250 Australian Dollars (were 5000 new). I have listened to quite a few pairs of new floorstanders at the same price and haven't found anything as good. I'm unsure about buying second hand speakers. Is there any new floorstanding speakers that can match them at that price? The UK equivalent is around 800 - 900 pounds.

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Re: Focal JMLab 915.1

Haven't heard the 915.1s myself, but two of our favourite floorstanders at the moment are the Monitor Audio Silver RS6 (£600) and the Dali Ikon 6 (£899). Don't know if they're available in Australia, but they're definitely worth listening to if you can find them. We gave both 5 stars. You might also want to check out the Monopulse Model 32S we tested in May (£895) - they have fantastic timing and resolution.

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Re: Focal JMLab 915.1

Yes, those Monopulse speakers are well worth a listen. They don't have all the bass you might want, but as you say, they do rhythm and timing like almost nothing else. Trouble is, someone tried to explain to me the theory behind how they work but I just don't get it. Can anyone explain?

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Re: Focal JMLab 915.1

I've found a place that stocks Dali in Sydney so will be giving them a listen. I'm also considering spending a bit more and giving the b&w 704 & Focal JM Lab Chorus 836v speakers a listen. Has anyone given those an airing or know of anything superior in that price bracket.

I'm also trying to source a newsagent that stocks what hi-fi - which would answer these questions... 


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Re: Focal JMLab 915.1

JB Hifi in Australia can order in Dali Ikon 6.

I think they are about $2200

and they do the Ikon 2's (bookshelf) for $1500

 Personally i dont see the point spending that much on speakers.     i wouldnt have any beer money left!

Im getting the Dali Concept 2's bookshelfs for $700.




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