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AVA Media rip n play

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RE: AVA Media rip n play

Can you store photo's and documents (e.g. word, publisher, powerpoint) on this device? Is it possible to connect an external hardrive in order to back up files?


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RE: AVA Media rip n play

Jacko wrote:
Andrew - did you ever get to play with one of these ? Anyone else ?

Just got my hands on a Zara Premium, which is the next model up from the RnP, and so far it seems a breeze to set up. Running it via Remote Desktop Connection from a MacBook Pro, easy to copy stuff up to it, Naim streamers see it just fine and play from it no probs.


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RE: AVA Media rip n play

Dan.m wrote:
Is it possible to connect an external hardrive in order to back up files?

Yes, there is a USB output.


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RE: AVA Media rip n play

Thanks for the additional input - am hoping to see/hear/play with one of these at a certain company's Open Day this Saturday in the Coventry area..

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RE: AVA Media rip n play

Happy Days ! Having considered the streaming route for some time, I finally took the plunge and bought an AVA Rip-n-Play  a couple of weeks ago. 

What a great piece of kit. Literally 15 minutes after unboxing it, I was listening to the wonderful FNDMTL through my system from the AVA via my Squeezebox. The sound is excellent – full and clear with an improved soundstage. It’s a significant step up from the SQ of my Audiolab 8200CD which is saying quite a lot in my book. As well as the brilliant sound, the whole thing is so easy to use. You simply insert the cd into the AVA and it rips automatically. I’ve ripped over 1,000 so far and it’s only not been able to rip 3 that are not on its database and 2 because of the quality of the cd. It also copies the artwork, and found the correct cover for all but 4 cds thus far. I control what’s playing via my IPad. All in all, a tremendous step up for my system in terms of sound, and convenience. Highly recommended.