A Blu-ray player brings high-definition films on a disc to your TV or projector, and many now include smart apps such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix as well as network streaming capability. Here's our pick of the best models to buy from under £100 to a luxury model at £700.

If you want to watch your favourite movies in Full HD, and with top-notch surround sound, then Blu-ray is the way to go. With budget players now available for well under £100 – and often given away free or at a discount as part of a bundle with new TVs – it's time to upgrade your old DVD player.

As well as giiving you superb picture quality at Full HD 1080p resolution, many Blu-ray discs also include Dolby Digital TrueHD or DTS HD Master Audio soundtracks as well. So not only will the film look great on your HD telly, it will also sound great if you have a proper surround sound system capable of handing the newer Dolby/DTS formats.

And if your existing TV lacks smart functionality and catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer, many Blu-ray models now have those built-in.

Up to £150
Sony BDP-S5200
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Best buy up to £150, Awards 2014.

Changing your movie-playing source can be a simple, relatively inexpensive upgrade and, with the Sony BDP-S5200, you really can’t go wrong for the money. 
Sony BDP-S7200
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Product of the Year, Awards 2014.

Another impressive all-rounder from Sony that serves up a classy picture and stunning sound. Delivers excellent 2D and 3D pictures and detailed, dynamic sound. This £220 player even works well with hi-res audio.

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Panasonic DMP-BDT700
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Best buy £300+, Awards 2014.   If you want a premium Blu-ray player for a premium home cinema system, this is it.