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Samsung partners with Tidal for tailored TV experience

Just weeks after announcing a partnership with Spotify, Samsung TV has partnered with a second major streaming service: Tidal.

Music Business Worldwide has reported that Tidal subscribers who own Samsung TV with Tizen 3.0 software (2017 and 2018 models, then) will soon be able to have a tailored TV home screen interface that ‘prioritises Tidal visual content’.

Via the home screen, users will have access to the app's features: the latest releases, curated video playlists and other content such as concerts, livestreams, music videos and podcasts; the 'My Collection' screen, allowing users to personalise their favourite content; and an optimised search function.

The streaming service said its app for Samsung TVs is ‘just the beginning of the partnership’ between the two companies, so, as with Spotify, we should see further integration within Samsung products in the future...


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