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Meridian high-end hi-fi products now have 'Works with Sonos' certification

Meridian joins 'Works with Sonos' certification programme
(Image credit: Meridian Audio)

Meridian has  joined the 'Works with Sonos' certification programme. The news means the two firms' products can now work seamlessly together, on the same wi-fi network, with control via the Sonos app.

Meridian posted the news on its website, noting: "Meridian products will seamlessly tie into Sonos, instantly waking, changing inputs and playing at the volume you command through the Sonos app."

Membership of the Works with Sonos club also grants listeners the ability to stream music from the 100+ streaming services on the Sonos S2 app, straight to their favourite Meridian products. (Here's a full list of music services on Sonos, if you're curious.)

So far the Meridian products that have attained 'Works with Sonos' certification are the 218 and 251 zone controllers, with the 818 streaming pre-amplifier, 861 digital surround sound amp and the UltraDAC all said to be "coming soon".

Of course, for this to work you'll need a Sonos Port (£399) or Sonos Connect (discontinued earlier this year). Plug one or the other into the Meridian controller and you should be guided through the app-based integration process. You can pair your Meridian kit with an existing Sonos system, or start a new Meridian-Sonos system from scratch.

Sonos' app doesn't support native hi-res audio, but pairing a Sonos device with a Meridian controller should see you benefit from the British audio maestro's latest upsampling and Fifo buffering tech.

The 'Works with Sonos' programme is mainly comprised of high-end customer installers, but as we reported in back in 2018, Pioneer and Onkyo were some of the first hi-fi brands to sign up.


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