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MartinLogan unveils new Crescendo speaker

Electrostatic speaker manufacturer MartinLogan has announced the launch of Crescendo, its first wireless Bluetooth and AirPlay compatible speaker system.

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The new speaker comes with dual audiophile-quality Folded Motion tweeters and a 5x7in mid/bass woofer to offer a "deep, extended bass response".

At the core of the new speaker will be a 24-bit, 48kHz DSP-based preamplifier in conjunction with a class-D closed-loop 100W (140W peak) amplifier.

Meanwhile, an optional subwoofer output provided through an analogue RCA connection lets you supplement the low-frequency performance of the system.

The Crescendo has six input methods – wi-fi, Bluetooth, wired ethernet, USB, 3.5mm analogue and 3.5mm optical digital – to connect a range of devices.

Due for release in Q1 2014, the Crescendo will be available for $900 in the US. It will be distributed in the UK by Absolute Sounds.

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by Pete Hayman

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