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Furutech upgrades its Destat static eliminator

Just launched by Japanese company Furutech is the upgraded version of its Destat device for removing dust and static charges from discs and a wide range of other items.

Selling for £400, the Destat II can be used by placing audio or video media on it or underneath it, the company says. It's powered by a rechargeable battery, and a ten second treatment can remove dust using its powerful fan, and static electricity courtesy of an improved four-pole Balanced Ion Flow Generator, which has a safety circuit 'to avoid any small electric shocks.'

Furutech explains that 'Static charge can lead to sudden and distracting noise that compromises the experience', adding that 'In addition to the media almost every audio-visual system component benefits from eliminating its static charge.

'This includes mains cables, interconnects and speaker cables and even metal LP clamps.'

The Destat II is available from UK distributor Sound Fowndations.

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