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DVDO Air offers wireless 1080p and 3D video transmission

You know the problem: your TV or display is located on one side of the room, the electronics on the other. But you want to avoid running long connecting cables through the walls or under the floor.

That's where this handy little gadget comes in: the DVDO Air is a wireless HDMI connection system that enables wire-free transmission of 1080p video and 3D images from source component to screen.

It will also handle 7.1 channel lossless surround sound.

The system is designed to connect any source with an HDMI output (Blu-ray player, cable or satellite box, notebook PC, AV receiver or personal video recorder) to an HDMI input on aTV or display.

It can handle signals from just a few feet away or across a large room (up to distances of 30 metres), is fully HDMI compliant and supports consumer electronics control (CEC) allowing the TV remote to conntrol the source device.

Running at 60GHz, the DVDO Air system comprises a transmitter for connecting to the source and a receiver that clips on or behind a display using the bracket supplied. It will be available from July for £350, distributed in the UK by Karma-AV.

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