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Dolby brings Atmos to music producers and clubs

Not content with bringing its next-gen "three-dimensional" surround sound from the cinema to the home, it looks like Dolby now wants to soundtrack your night out.

The next step for Dolby Atmos will be targeting music producers and DJs, and in turn the clubs they play in, to bring next-gen sound to the dancefloor.

Billboard reports Dolby has adapted its Atmos technology for music production software, allowing producers and DJs to more accurately position sounds within a room. Ideal for clubs, so long as they have the necessary Dolby tech in place of course.

Right on cue, Dolby is holding a press event at Ministry of Sound on December 11th, promising to unveil "the evolution of the world's most iconic sound system" and "an exclusive Dolby sound experience". So we're merrily putting two and two together.

Either way, it seems Dolby is intent on extending the reach of its Atmos sound technology. We'll bring you more details as soon as we have them.

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