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Welcome to What Hi-Fi?'s British Hi-Fi Week

Welcome to What Hi-Fi?'s British Hi-Fi Week

We'll be taking time over the next seven days to highlight some of the greatest and latest hi-fi products to come from Great Britain. 

While the shape of your hi-fi system may have changed in recent years, and the definition of a British company has become increasingly blurred, there remains a great number of audio companies in England, Scotland and Wales that have contributed, and continue to contribute, to great hi-fi products for our listening pleasure.

From speakers to turntables, amplifiers to streamers, British hi-fi continues to punch well above its weight when it comes to delivering great sound. And even as the world becomes smaller, and we all have the chance to see, hear, review and buy products from all over the globe, rest assured What Hi-Fi? will continue to champion the best of British.

Over the next seven days, in the run-up to the UK's biggest audio show, the Bristol Hi-Fi Show, we'll be looking back at some of the most influential British products to have appeared in What Hi-Fi?, going behind the scenes at some of the key British brands, revisiting some of our favourite hi-fi features and looking to the future with fresh reviews of the latest British hi-fi kit. Stay tuned and, most importantly, enjoy...