Wilson Benesch's Torus Series to enter its next generation in the summer

Wilson Benesch Torus
(Image credit: Wilson Benesch)

For British Hi-Fi Week, Wilson Benesch has shared with What Hi-Fi? its plans to launch an all-new Torus Series in the summer.

Based on the eponymous design that precedes it, the new model (naming of which is being kept under wraps for now) will replace the 2006-released Torus Infrasonic Generator and amplifier, which at the time we said produced "the most musical and insightful deep bass we’ve ever heard". Wilson Benesch's ‘Infrasonic generator’ can be most simply associated with the job of a subwoofer, but due to its much more sophisticated design it gets a fittingly fancy name (and we're OK with that). 

The British high-end audio brand has developed its infrasonic generator low-frequency technologies for this imminent successor, which it says represents "a new level of refinement, quality and performance".

Wilson Benesch Torus

(Image credit: Wilson Benesch)

The original design worked to eliminate the cabinet from all structural responsibilities, and thus eradicate cabinet noise, by connecting two Neodymium motors (working in a push-pull configuration) to a 16kg steel core column to effectively ground them. That core was the reference point for every other component too, acting to direct the vibrational energy into the ground as opposed to the enclosure.

The upward-firing 18in driver's diaphragm was a Carbon Fibre Polyethylene Terephthalate composite that could support 1000 times its own mass, and Wilson Benesch claims the diaphragm at the heart of the new Torus Series sets the industry standard both in terms of stiffness and damping. The new Torus also promotes a rounded geometric enclosure that supposedly "defies cabinet resonance".

By combining and evolving these technologies for the new-and-improved design, Wilson Benesch is pushing its Infrasonic Generator into its next generation. The new Torus Series, priced £13,000, will begin shipping in July, with order availability starting in May, before which the company will announce specific product details.

Considering our high praise for the original Torus Infrasonic Generator – "the biggest compliment we can give the Torus is to say it's musical: it's fast and tuneful, delivering precise doses of bass with a surgeon's skill," we wrote – it's safe to say we await the successor with great anticipation and expectation.


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