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They're trying to break the mould with a new type of fit, but these Urbanears just haven't got what it takes
Firm fit without burrowing
Flat, cluttered sound, lacks detail, peculiar fit in ears means sound lacks punch
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These days, most in-ear buds require you to squeeze them right inside your ears.

For some people this is too uncomfortable, and while many people really value the degree to which the seal blocks outside noise, others would like to hear at least some of what’s going on around them.

Of course, you can get in-ears that don’t burrow, but these aren’t great at staying in your ears if you’re out and about.

Urbanears’ Medis sit outside the ear canal but, thanks to a little flap that tucks into the fold further up your lug, are secure.

The problem is that they sound flat, cluttered and undetailed, and that distance from your hearing bits creates a distance between you and your music that robs it of impact.

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The one-button remote means you can’t control volume either, but at least the mic position means the person you’re calling will be able to hear you.

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Urbanears Medis
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