You can now control your Sonos speakers using Tidal's app

On the heels of Spotify, Tidal has added playback control for Sonos multi-room speakers into its own app.

Users can now control playback to their Sonos speakers through the app, and those who don't have access to your Sonos account but are on your wi-fi network will be able to connect to your speakers as well.

You can also control groups through Tidal's app - which you cannot do on Spotify - giving it the same functionality as US streaming music service Pandora, which received it first.

If you're a Tidal HiFi subscriber, the music will play at a 16bit 44.1kHz resolution; for Tidal Premium users, it's AAC 320kbps.

This leaves Apple Music as the only major streaming service without a dedicated Sonos connection - with Amazon Music finding its own solution in the Alexa-controlled Sonos One.

However, with AirPlay 2 and the Apple HomePod both on the horizon, we imagine Apple fans will probably follow their own path.

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