Lyric speaker displays song lyrics as you play your tunes

There are many different wireless, wi-fi enabled speakers - big ones, little ones, incredibly expensive ones - but we've seen only one that displays lyrics as you're listening to it.

The Lyric speaker from Cotodama grabs the lyrics for whatever song you're playing from an online database and displays them on its translucent screen as the music plays.

Well, maybe not for every song, but there is a collection of over two million available. They're taken from Japan’s largest lyrics database company, PetitLyrics.

They don't just come up as some Star Wars-esque scrolling text, but the movements of the lyrics change based genre. A mild ballad-like song makes the fonts and movements soft, while a rock song will be more bombastic in its animations.

If you want to get your hands on one, it doesn't come cheap - prices start at £3,600. But, we have to admit, there are few hi-fi products out there that look quite as striking.


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