Yamaha introduces four-strong Aventage home cinema receiver range

Today Yamaha unveils its new (and newly-named) Aventage range of home cinema receivers, joining the rest of its 2011 line-up.

They replace the existing higher-end models from 2010 and as they use all-new designs and components, rather than just being a range refresh, they are being rebranded under the Aventage name.

There are four models: the RXA3010 (above, £1999), RXA2010 (£1499), RXA1010 (below, £999) and RXA810 (£849). They'll go on sale in the UK this September.

The two most expensive models are nine-channel designs, the others have seven channels. Every model has eight HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs, and their remotes have 'one-touch' control for operation of Samsung, Panasonic and Toshiba TVs.

All four are 3D and network capable and have a new circuit design, new power transformer, new heat sink and use better quality components.

However, they do not include Spotify or AirPlay like some 2011 models from rivals such as Onkyo, Pioneer and Denon. Yamaha says it will continue to offer its own YIDW10 AirWired transmitter for iPhone/iPad/iPod at £100-£120.

The '2010, '1010 and '810 have Yamaha's proprietary YPAO and CinemaDSP 3D technology – designed to give 'a wide, high and dense soundfield' – while the flagship RXA3010 gets the new, improved and more powerful CinemaDSP HD3.

Video processing is handled by Yamaha chips in the lower two models and HQV in the top two.

A fifth foot in the middle of the base helps reduce unwanted vibration from the power transistor and heat sink, claims Yamaha. The RXA3010 also gets new heavy duty legs and a 'double bottom' cover like the Yamaha DSP-Z11.

As for the decision not to include AirPlay, Yamaha says it's limited to iPhone/iPad users and it didn't want to increase the cost of these models by adding functionality that not everyone will need or use.

As an Apple TV can be bought for £100, it argues that's the simplest way of adding AirPlay functionality to your system if you want to.

All its 2011 AV receivers from the RX-V471 and above have a preset on their remotes for Apple TV control.

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Andy Clough

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