Whether it's noise-cancelling or noise-isolating, folding headphones or waterproof earphones, Vivanco's Aircoustic range seems to have it covered

Vivanco's new range of Aircoustic headphones is certainly extensive. Featuring eight 'sections' within the range, those sections in turn include an array of models aimed at specific consumers.

There's a Travel section, with folding, noise-cancelling and noise-isolating options, a Sport section with clip-on and waterproof headphones, plus a Fashion section, with a selection that presumably looks the part.

A Freedom section for wireless 'phones and a less-imaginatively titled General Use section, complete the standard array of options.

The Metal Profile includes metal-housed in-ears, while the wood-focused In-Ear Speakers range and the Studio Monitors section complete the extensive line-up of headphones.

The Vivanco Aircoustic range will be in stores from October with prices varying from £7 to £80.