Vinyl Week turntable deal: £100 off the Award-winning Technics SL-1500C

Vinyl Week turntable deal: £100 off Award-winning Technics SL-1500C
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It's Vinyl Week, so what better time for a turntable deal? And what a deal this is – there's £100 off the 2021 Award-winning Technics SL-1500C

That brings the price down to just £799 at both Sevenoaks and Peter Tyson. Get saving.

Technics SL-1500C £899 £799 at Sevenoaks and Peter Tyson (save £100)
A 2021 What Hi-Fi? Award winner.

Technics SL-1500C £899 £799 at Sevenoaks and Peter Tyson (save £100)
A 2021 What Hi-Fi? Award winner. If you’re after a great sounding but fuss-free record player below a grand, the SL-1500C is a great buy – especially with this £100 discount.

At Sevenoaks, you'll need to enter the code 'GDSAVE100' to knock £100 off the £899 price tag. But at Peter Tyson the discount is already applied.

Not to be confused with the even higher-end SL-1000R turntable, introduced in early 2018 (and which impressed us so much that it’s now become our reference record player), the SL-1500C is the company’s latest entry-level deck. But oh, what an entry-level deck! 

This is a less elaborate mini-me of the high-end model, still using a core-less direct drive motor with sophisticated speed management circuitry, a hefty, well-damped chassis and a version of the company’s long-running S-shaped arm.

It comes supplied with the well-respected Ortofon 2M Red and is equipped with a very good built-in phono stage. There’s a switchable auto-lift function that takes the stylus off the record once the end of a side has been reached and even the plinth is more sophisticated than its clean-cut appearance suggests, using a combination of aluminium, ABS and glass fibre to achieve the mix of rigidity and vibration control required to allow the turntable to do its job properly. 

There are two finish options, silver and black, both of which can currently be bought for £100 off. 

Our advice? As we said in our review: "The SL-1500C is a beautifully made, fuss–free record player that sounds great". At this price, it's even more tempting. 


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