Vertere updates award-winning phono stage with 'subtle but significant' improvements

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Vertere Acoustics, the high-end turntable specialist, has announced a new Phono-1 MkII L phono stage – which succeeds the current 5-star and Award-winning model. 

We said the Phono-1 MkII was "one of the finest phone stages we've heard at the price" (£1,000), so an upgraded version is bound to pique our interest. 

The new Phono-1 MkII L promises "subtle but significant" improvements to the sound quality, made possible by "non-trivial" refinements to the internal circuit board layout.

The "L" in the name refers to this improved L-shaped circuit board. Changes include moving the linear power supply to the main PCB, ensuring signal track lengths are equal, lowering impedances and adjusting track widths to direct current flow.

The user experience has also been refined, with better organisation of the dip switches on the underside of the case that offer plenty of customisation options: 10 gain settings, 15 input impedances and 9 capacitance settings. Working with most moving magnet and moving coil cartridges available on the market, these settings are now easier to use and match to your record player.

As before, it has the unusual but very welcome ground switch with three positions, which should help reduce any hum in your turntable set-up.

Cosmetic changes include an orange power LED to distinguish the new L version from the previous model. Various front panel finishes are available, including the signature Vertere orange, silver aluminium, semi-matte black, and a new DG-1 gloss black to match the Vertere DG-1 Dynamic Groove turntable. 

All these small changes have added up to an increase in price, too, with the Phono-1 MkII L available to buy now for £1,350 (€1648, $1895, AU$2700). 


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