Verbatim Media station
Verbatim is releasing two new multimedia hard drives, the £160 MediaStation and £210 MediaStation Pro, with 500GB hard drives

Verbatim claims its new MediaStation and MediaStation Pro multimedia hard drives can form the centre of your home entertainment system. Both contain 500GB hard drives and can be integrated into home networks via their LAN connections.

The £160 MediaStation and £210 MediaStationPro can store up to 4000 hours of MP4 video, 6300 hours of MP3 music and 250,000 five-megapixel photos.

They handle MPEG4, DiVX, MP3, WMA, WAV, Ogg Vorbis, JPEG and PNG files. The standard MediaStation has composite and S-Video connections for video hook-up and supports 1080i, while the Pro model offers HDMI connectivity with support for Full HD (1080p) video.

An analogue audio connection via cinch is optional, as is an optical Toslink/S-PDIF connection for outputting 5.1 surround sound to a multichannel amp or receiver.

Additional features on the Pro model include a USB 2.0 connection, internet radio reception and WLAN networking capability.

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Future firmware upgrades for new codecs and features will be available via the Verbatim website.