Rotel 15s UK
Full range of home cinema and custom installation products hits the shops in December, with more stereo products to come in 2009

Rotel's new 15 Series of products, which we first reported here when it was announced in the States, is coming to the UK next month.

Prices start at £350 for the RB-1510 two-channel  installation amplifier, and go up to £1895 for the flagship RSX-1560 multichannel receiver, which comes complete with Faroudja 1080p video processing, compatibility with all the latest HD audio codecs and HDMI 1.3a support.

The RSX-1560 has 7x100W of Class D amplification, while the £1395 RSX-1550 makes do with 5x75W. The same money will also buy you the RSP-1570 preamp/processor, which can be used with power amps including the new RMB-1575, delivering 5x250W for £1695, or the £795 RMB-1565, giving 5x100W.

Two two-channel amps allow you to add on those extra rear surrounds, the 2x250W RMB-1572 costiing £795 and the 2x100W RB-1562 £545.

Competing the initial line-up are two custom-installation amps, the 2x60W RB1510 and the 6x60W RMB-1506, at £595, and Rotel promises there'll be more stereo products launched during 2009.