UPDATE: UK pricing and availability for Rotel's 15 Series

Rotel 15s UK

Prices start at £350 for the RB-1510 two-channel installation amplifier, and go up to £1895 for the flagship RSX-1560 multichannel receiver, which comes complete with Faroudja 1080p video processing, compatibility with all the latest HD audio codecs and HDMI 1.3a support.

The RSX-1560 has 7x100W of Class D amplification, while the £1395 RSX-1550 makes do with 5x75W. The same money will also buy you the RSP-1570 preamp/processor, which can be used with power amps including the new RMB-1575, delivering 5x250W for £1695, or the £795 RMB-1565, giving 5x100W.

Two two-channel amps allow you to add on those extra rear surrounds, the 2x250W RMB-1572 costiing £795 and the 2x100W RB-1562 £545.

Competing the initial line-up are two custom-installation amps, the 2x60W RB1510 and the 6x60W RMB-1506, at £595, and Rotel promises there'll be more stereo products launched during 2009.