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UPDATE: TEAC announces prices for new Reference series with AirPlay support

TEAC has announced the latest incarnation of its Reference series of hi-fi products, and has now given us details of UK pricing.

First out of the blocks are the CR-H700 CD receiver, complete with support for AirPlay, DLNA and USB playback, and the UD-H01 DAC with USB interface.

The UD-H01 will be joined by a family of products with the same, diminuitive dimensions, and each specialising in CD playback, PC audio, streaming and more.

TEAC describes the CR-H700 as an Apple AirPlay CD receiver. Set to go on sale for £549, the micro-sized box offers two 40watt channels of power.

As well as a CD player supporting CD-R/RW discs, the CR-H700 has DLNA and AirPlay support for streaming music.

You can also connect an iPod/iPhone or memory stick via USB to give you yet more playback options.

The CR-H700 will also give you access to Internet radio as well as AM/FM stations. It's due out in October.

Also part of the new Reference range is the UD-H01 (£299), a high-resolution DAC with USB, with 32bit/192kHz dual D/A BurrBrown converters.

It will have 192kHz up-conversion, coaxial and optical digital inputs, XLR and RCA outputs and a headphone jack with volume control.

Other models due out in October are the A-H01 Power DAC (£399), a 2 x 50W digital amplifier with built-in DAC; the DSH-01 digital docking station (£199) for Apple iDevice products with its own Burr-Brown 24-bit, 192kHz DACs; the MP-H01 wireless/ethernet streamer (£299) with Apple AirPlay and DLNA compatibility; and finally the PD-H01 CD player and computer drive (£199) with USB interface.

Also in the pipeline is an Apple AirPlay music system. The NS-X1, £279, supports AirPlay and DLNA, offers multiroom capabilities, has an iPod/iPhone dock and integrated speakers.

And thanks to the slimline design you can even mount it on a wall. The slimline NS-X1 is due out in September.

You'll be able to see and hear all the new TEAC products in action at the Manchester Home Entertainment Show on October 22-23.

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