UPDATE: Apple drops new iPad 4G claim after ASA investigation

Update 14.05.12

Apple has dropped the phrase '4G' in its advertisements for the new iPad after complaints that it was misleading, as the device is incompatible with the proposed European 4G LTE system (see story below).

Apple said the confusion arose because of the ways operators refer to different high-speed mobile technologies.

"Carriers do not all refer to their high speed networks with the same terminology," said the firm in a statement, "therefore we've decided to use 'wi-fi + cellular' as a simple term which describes all the high speed networks supported by the new iPad."

Published 01.05.12

Apple is in more hot water over its claim that the new iPad is 4G compatible after the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK decided to widen its inquiry into Apple's advertising of the device.

When the new iPad was launched back in March, we reported on the incompatibility between the 4G LTE system used in the US and the proposed 4G LTE system being adopted in Europe, which uses different frequencies and won't work with the iPad.

Now the BBC reports that the ASA is not satisfied that Apple has complied with an agreement to amend claims about the new iPad's 4G capabilities.

The regulator has told the Beeb it has received dozens of complaints in relation to the issue, but Apple has declined to comment.

The dispute centres around Apple's UK website which offers buyers a "wi-fi + 4G" version of the iPad.

Apple apparently wrote to one complainant saying that "no further reference to the 4G capabilities of the iPad will be made on the UK website".

And the ASA told the BBC that when it approached Apple the company said it had removed references to 4G from the webpage subject to the complaint, and had edited a video that contained references to 4G.

"If it appears that the problem claims we asked Apple to remove are still appearing," the regulator says, "we will investigate these new complaints."

Australia's consumer watchdog has already taken Apple to court for what it describes as "false advertising" because the tablet does not work on Australia's 4G network.

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