Upcoming iPhone update optimises charging from green energy sources

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Apple has only just launched iOS 16, its updated operating system for 2022, but new features are already being teased for upcoming versions of the software. One of these, Clean Energy Optimiser, is intended to reduce the iPhone’s carbon footprint. 

Slated to launch in the US later this year, the feature is intended to optimise the battery charging times for the iPhone, taking into account when the grid is using more sustainable energy sources. Apple’s theory is that if everyone charges during these times, less non-sustainable energy will be used, making it greener than ever to own an iPhone. Clean Energy Optimiser will work hand in hand with Apple’s existing Optimised Battery Charging option, a feature designed to learn your personal charging patterns in order to prolong the lifespan of your iPhone’s battery. These features, when paired together, should help to reduce both carbon emissions and e-waste.

While Clean Energy Optimiser is set to be released in the future, there are plenty of new features you can use now with the iOS 16 update. New lock-screen customisation is the headlining software innovation from Apple, with customisable widgets and dynamic backgrounds to show you the weather, say, or scroll through your photo library. 

Something that may pique the interest of AV enthusiasts is Apple’s update to Spatial Audio, introducing a new way to improve audio performance on AirPods and Beats Fit Pro. The new version of the iOS now allows you to take a scan of your ear with the iPhone’s TrueDepth camera; this will then be used to personalise your Spatial Audio experience based on the shape of your ear. Other companies such as Sony and Creative have already taken a similar approach, so it's good to see Apple follow suit.


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  • Friesiansam
    If you want to be greener, use your phone less so you use less energy and, don't upgrade every year, just because you can, keep your phone for longer.
  • JayvonHayden
    Hey there! I stumbled upon this old forum post and saw a discussion about the upcoming iOS 16 update for iPhones. It's pretty cool to see that even back then, people were excited about the Clean Energy Optimiser feature. I've actually been using it myself and it's been great knowing that my phone is charging when the grid is using renewable energy sources. Btw, I was curious about the lifespan of solar panels. I've recently found some good info about how long do solar panels last and wanted to share it with you. LMK what you tink about it. It's inspiring to see that even years ago, people were already taking steps towards a more sustainable future. I hope that we've continued to make progress in the fight against climate change. Let's keep pushing towards a greener world!