Triangle Borea Active speakers bring wireless convenience to five-star design

Triangle Borea BR03 BT
(Image credit: Triangle)

French audio brand Triangle has revealed active versions of its five-star BR03 and BR02 bookshelf speakers.

The suitably named BR02 BT and BR03 BT hope to deliver the sonic success of their passive designs in a more convenient wireless package, and to that end both support the high-quality aptX HD Bluetooth codec, which allows for (compressed) transmission of audio up to 24-bit/48kHz with low latency. 

The two pairs don't go as far as some all-in-one active types in offering network wi-fi streaming as well, though Bluetooth is by no means the only input option available to owners. There are optical, coaxial, 3.5mm and subwoofer connections, as well as a pair of RCAs that can be configured as a moving-magnet phono input to allow a turntable to be connected. In fact, Triangle has partnered with renowned Austrian turntable maker Pro-Ject to release a deck to pair with its Borea Active speakers. The Triangle turntable will be available in September in a choice of four finishes (one fewer than offered for the speakers themselves).

Triangle Borea BR03 BT

(Image credit: Triangle)

The BR02 BT deliver 50 watts per channel to their 13cm mid/bass drivers (the same used across the Borea range) and EFS fabric dome tweeters, while the BR03 BT offer 60 watts per channel to their same tweeter but larger, 16.5cm mid/bass. The speakers operate in a 'master' and 'slave' configuration, meaning only one in each pair packs amplification and requires power. A 3m speaker cable to connect the two is provided in the box, along with a power cable and remote control.

For those who are after compact active speakers for using with Bluetooth or a physical source, who are not fussed about integrated wi-fi streaming smarts, the Triangle Borea Active range could well be among the best sounding of a rare breed around. After all, we called the passive BR03 "sophisticated" and with "refinement and detail in spades" in our Triangle BR03 review, while the BR02 also impressed as surround speakers in our Triangle Borea BR03 5.1 speaker package review.

The BR02 BT are priced £499 / $575, while the larger BR03 BT come in at £599 / $699.


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    By not offering either HDMI Arc or USB inputs nor WiFi they already seem 5 years out of date. Strange. So using them either as computer speakers or with the TV will be a pain. And aren't both of those inputs two of the biggest reason to go active?