Toshiba announces 2014 HD TV lineup at CES 2014

Toshiba has become the latest manufacturer at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to unveil its line-up of new HD LED TVs for 2014.

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The L7400U Series is leading the way and will boast the new Radiance Full Array LED Panel, which features Toshiba's SuperBright LEDs to deliver more dynamic images than ever before.

In addition, the L7400U Series - available at 47in and 55in - will include the ClearScan 240Hz refresh rate and the CQ Dual + Single Core Engine.

Meanwhile, the new Labyrinth Speaker System aims to increase sound pressure levels and bass response to deliver a "fuller" sound experience.

The L7400U Series also features the Smart TV with Cloud Portal, which Toshiba says will provide "enhanced graphics with 3D transitions and faster operation" when fully implemented.

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As well as the L7400U Series, the L5400U Super Large Smart TV Series come with built-in MediaShare and wi-fi and will be available in 58in and 68in sets.

The L3400U Smart TV Series comes in at 40in and 50in, while there will be 32in, 40in and 50in versions of the L2400U and L1400U LED TVs.

It is expected Toshiba's new HD LED TVs will be released from Q1 2014. More details and images will be available shortly.

UPDATE: Toshiba tells us these products are currently aimed at the US. The UK will get similar products with different model numbers. We expect to hear more in February 2014.

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