Three VPI Avenger turntables assemble in the UK

After a couple of years of exposure in the brand’s native country, the Avenger models from VPI’s Reference turntable range are now available in the UK.

The Avenger (£10,000), Avenger Plus (£15,000) and Avenger Reference (£20,000) slot in above the Award-winning VPI Prime and five-star Prime Signature and sit below the brand’s flagship Titan deck.

The standard Avenger has three-layer acrylic and aluminium chassis with damping material between each layer; three stainless steel corner posts for isolation and mechanical grounding; and a 9kg VPI Prime-grade aluminium platter.

We spotted the VPI Avenger Reference at the Munich High End Show 2018

We spotted the VPI Avenger Reference at the Munich High End Show 2018

The 300rpm AC synchronous motor is installed in a separate aluminium and steel machined assembly, and the belt side load is positioned at the centre of the bearing to limit the seesawing affect.

The Avenger Plus, which we first spotted at CES 2017, is the latest addition to the range and bridges the price gap between the Avenger and Avenger Reference.

It builds on the specification of the Avenger with a different tonearm (JMW-12-3DR instead of JMW-12-3D), ‘signature’ rim drive motor assembly with an adjustable knob to move the rim drive mechanism, and a periphery ring clamp.

The very top-of-the-line Avenger Reference is half the price of the Titan, and builds on the above with a more advanced magnetic platter and ‘Avenger’ feet.


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