Three new ways to wake up with Roberts Radio

New from Roberts Radio is a trio of DAB/FM bedside clock-radios, each with a different range of features to suit a variety of users.

All three models offer digital and analogue tuners, multiple alarms and a half-moon shape designed to take up less space on the bedside table, while two of the three also offer iPod/iPhone dock facilities.

At the top of the new range is the £90 DreamDock (above), complete with dock and remote control, a dimmable blue display and two alarms allowing wake-up to a favourite radio station, a buzzer or music from a docked iPod or iPhone.

There's also a 3.5mm stereo aux-in socket, a headphone output and sleep and snooze timers.

One step down is the £80 iDream II (left), again with a dock. 20-preset radio and two alarms, but lacking the DreamDock's remote control.

It has a multistage dimmer for the blue display, and allows the clock to be displayed while listening to the radio – possibly handy in the early morning rush.

Again there are aux-in and headphone sockets, a choice of alarm modes and sleep and snooze timers.

As with the other models, the stereo speakers are mounted either side of the unit, behind the wraparound grille.

Like the DreamDock, the iDream II allows you to be woken up with radio, a buzzer or music from the iPod or iPhone.

Finally there's the DreamTime II (below), which is a straight DAB/FM clock radio, complete with auto time set, two alarms, sleep and snooze timers and a headphone socket. It's also £80.

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