The Sonos Arc's price has plummeted – don't miss out on this excellent deal on an Award-winning soundbar

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We've made no secret about how much we like the Sonos Arc. It's a five-star, award-winning Dolby Atmos soundbar and a What Hi-Fi? Hall of Fame inductee, so its pedigree should speak for itself. It's already our default recommendation for those looking for a premium soundbar, however, this deal makes it even easier to endorse. 

The Arc can now be yours for just £689 if you purchase it on Amazon; for context, we initially reviewed it at £799, with Sonos raising the RRP to £899 in 2021. That's a saving of £211 if you get the Arc in the white colourway, or you can spend an extra £9 if you'd prefer it in black, bringing the total to £698. 

This brings the Arc closer to the tempting Cyber Monday price we saw in November of last year, and while you could wait for six months to see if it drops that low again, we'd recommend splashing the extra £20 and snapping up this sensational soundbar now. 

Sonos Arc soundbar £899 £689 at Amazon (save £211)

Sonos Arc soundbar £899 £689 at Amazon (save £211)
If you're in the market for a five-star Dolby Atmos soundbar, look no further – the Sonos Arc is a class leader, beating many rivals with heftier price tags. Now, it's available for even less thanks to this latest discount over at Amazon

For the money, the Sonos Arc has always offered an awful lot in terms of its feature set and sound quality, beating out almost all of the competition with its levels of finesse and dynamic expression. 

In our review of the Arc, we commented how the soundbar provides "vast quantities of deep, weighty and tuneful bass, but the lower frequencies never overwhelm and even at its loudest and deepest, the Arc remains remarkably composed". 

We find the treble to be "clean and sparkly, without veering into harsh brightness," and dialogue is clear and precise even in the most mumbly or indecipherable of shows and movies. 

The Arc contains 11 Class D digital amplifiers which power 11 custom drivers to generate the bar's Dolby Atmos soundfield. These speakers bounce sound off your walls and ceiling to create the 3D audio effect, while Sonos' Trueplay technology tailors the sound to suit your room. 

Eight drivers in the Arc are elliptical woofers (four along the front, two on top and one at each end), while the other three are silk-domed tweeters built into the front, but with two firing diagonally outwards into the room. Those upward-firing drivers are designed to deliver spectacular Dolby Atmos sound. 

The Sonos Arc makes a fantastic standalone soundbar, however, it's also excellent as an app or voice-controlled wireless speaker and can of course be combined with other Sonos speakers (such as the Era 100 and Era 300 wireless speakers) to create a complete surround sound system or multi-room set-up. 

The one limitation of this bar is the lack of included HDMI passthrough connections, which may be a concern to gamers who have consoles occupying their HDMI 2.1 sockets (providing your TV only has two). While this certainly isn't a dealbreaker, especially considering how well this soundbar performs, it is definitely worth noting. 

If you're interested In getting your hands on a five-star soundbar, then this latest deal over at Amazon is well worth a look.


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