The FiiO SR11 adds lossless streaming to your hi-fi for under £100/$100

Fiio SR11 in white on a photography book
(Image credit: FiiO)

Here's a compact and affordable way to add lossless streaming smarts to your existing set-up. The £95 / $95 / AU$149 FiiO SR11 lets you access music streaming services like Tidal, Spotify and Amazon Music through your legacy hi-fi system, radio or active speakers. Just plug the little unit into them and get streaming.

It supports Apple's AirPlay and is Roon Ready, expanding your options when it comes to playback (Roon lets you stream from a NAS drive or similar device). You can pair the SR11 with any phone, laptop or tablet, or use the bundled remote control. Dual-band wi-fi should help it stream around larger homes, while an ethernet socket will provide a more robust connection.

In terms of outputs, you get optical, coaxial, and USB Type-A and USB-C. It supports 32-bit/768kHz files and DSD256 and has an LCD screen that shows the operating mode, network status, and current volume. 

The FiiO SR11 is out now in the UK and US and next month in Australia.


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  • mr_sneff
    Looks like you've got a picture of the K11 headphone amp, the SR11 doesn't have a headphone socket. Also, it's not a 'plug and play' solution to add streaming to your system, you'd need a DAC as well. Interesting looking product though, potential Wiim beater.
  • WhiteKnight2020
    What Hi-Fi? said:
    With AirPlay and Roon Ready support, this is a cheap way to add streaming to your setup.

    The FiiO SR11 adds lossless streaming to your hi-fi for under £100/$100 : Read more
    Still not updated this misleading article?
    It's just a transport, it needs a DAC, so budget another £100 plus.
  • Jasonovich
    It's a shame this is really a nothing burger. I saw the WHF heading and I immediately thought WiiM competitor, just click bait.
    What is the point of it? I can stream from my mobile and use the Bluetooth on the SMSL.