Teufel Omniton 202
German company's new Omniton 202 speakers claim to be shockproof, waterproof and ready for action inside or out

Teufel has been busy, releasing a steady supply of hi-fi and home cinema speakers in to the market.

The latest release is billed as a 'universal' speaker, built to last and designed for use in all sorts of environments from the average front room, to gardens, swimming pools and bars.

The Omniton 202's versatiliy stems from its claimed indestructability, boasting a robust, water-resistant housing, complete wih hard rubber sealing.

You'll find a 13cm woofer and a 2.5cm cloth dome tweeter to take care of the business of making sound and, as with all Teufel speakers, there's an impressive 12-year warranty.

The Omniton 202 speakers are priced at £140 and they're available direct from the Teufel website.

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