Teufel Consono 15
Three new 5.1-channel systems now available, with the most affordable selling for just £139

Direct-sell speaker specialist Teufel has just added a new range of entry-level 5.1-channel packages. The Consono line-up starts with the very affordable Consono 15 – yours for just £139.

The company says that the new systems are 'the perfect solutions for anyone seeking to replace their current loudspeakers, the ones that came with their home-theatre-in-a-box-set, or for anyone simply looking for a decent set of speakers right from the start.'

The Consono 15 uses five full-frequency single-driver satellite speakers and an active subwoofer combining a 100W amp and 20cm bass unit, and is designed for use in rooms up to 20 sq m.

Step up to the Consono 25, at £179, and you get the same sub plus four two-way satellites and a dedicated centre speaker, creating a system Teufel says is good for rooms of up to 25 sq m.

Finally, those with bigger rooms – up to 30 sq m - are served by the £259 Conosono 35, which uses larger two-way satellites with twin mid/bass drivers, and a sub with a 100W amp and 35cm drive units.

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All three systems are available direct from Teufel's online shop.

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