Sony's stunning A95K QD-OLED is over $500 off with this Labor Day deal

Sony XR-55A95K
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The world's first QD-OLED television, the gorgeous Sony A95K, is now on sale for $3498 on Amazon, down from the original retail price of $4000. Pricey, yes, but in terms of movies and TV shows, the A95K is now the gold standard. What's more is that with this Labor Day sale you can finally get this amazing set without paying full price.

What Hi-Fi? gave the A95K five-stars, calling it the very best OLED television we have seen come through our doors. If you want a TV you can wow your friends with, the A95K is just the ticket.

Sony 65-inch A95K QD-OLED deal

XR-65A95K: $4000 $3498 at Amazon

XR-65A95K: $4000 $3498 at Amazon
The Sony A95K combines the brilliant brightness of a Quantum Dot display with the perfect blacks of an OLED. This set offers up an absolutely stunning image for movies and TV, better than anything else we have seen.

Quantum Dot displays have been around for a while, offering up superb brightness and vibrancy, while OLED televisions have been around for many years, dethroning plasma as the TV tech with the richest, darkest blacks money could buy. 

But what if you could have a super TV with the best of both the QD and OLED worlds?

Enter the Sony A95K, the world's first QD-OLED display. This set aims to combine the brilliance of a Quantum Dot display with the ultimate blacks of OLED to produce a near-flawless television. Watching TV and movies on the A95K is second to none in terms of picture quality.

As far as other traditional features go, you will have no problem streaming whatever you like to the A95K via its Google TV OS; you will get 4K and HDR support; there's 4K/120Hz support for the gamers out there; and you'll get four HDMI 2.1 ports, eARC, and optical, too. 

As an added bonus, the audio quality of the A95K's built-in speakers is top-notch for TV speakers. For most sets, almost any soundbar will be a huge upgrade, but for the A95K, you would need a genuinely excellent bar to get a better listening experience. 

If you are in the market for an absolutely excellent television (and price isn't too much of a concern), there is nothing better out there right now than Sony's A95K.


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