Sony's upcoming wireless earbuds for PS5 boast one killer sound quality feature

PlayStation Earbuds teaser picture
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Sony holds the three podium positions on our best wireless earbuds list, so you can imagine our excitement when it revealed a new pair last night during its PlayStation Showcase live event. As to be expected, these buds are geared more towards gamers, with Sony touting some impressive sounding audio features that it will bring for PS5 gamers, although these new Bluetooth buds will also connect to smartphones and tablets too.

Simply named the PlayStation Earbuds, these new true wireless in-ears will offer lossless, low-latency audio on the PS5 and PC. Sony says that it has achieved this via a "new wireless technology" which is admittedly vague, however, it assures us that these buds will provide "outstanding sound quality" while gaming. 

PlayStation 5 Earbuds with case

(Image credit: Sony)

The buds and case feature a monochromatic, edgy design that is reminiscent of the PS5's design as well as the existing PlayStation Pulse 3D Wireless Headset. While information about the PlayStation Earbuds is still scarce, we can make some assumptions based on existing hardware and trends. It's likely that they will charge using USB-C, and that they will include built-in microphones for party chat over PlayStation Network. 

In terms of performance, we hope that Sony draws from either its WF-1000XM4 or WF-C700N wireless earbuds depending on the price. Both pairs offer excellent sound performance, and interestingly active noise cancellation; while Sony didn't mention this during the PlayStation Showcase, it is something that we'd like to see on these new wireless earbuds. 

Sony says that it will reveal more about the PlayStation Earbuds soon, and can expect them to launch later this year alongside its new Project Q handheld system, which features an 8-inch LED screen for wirelessly streaming your PS5 games to over Wi-Fi.


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