Sony launches Home Share NAS device and more Blu-ray VAIO PCs

Sony Home Share

Home Share (pictured) is the name of Sony's latest device, which for all intents and purposes is a network attached storage or NAS device.

Connect the Home Share box to your wireless network in order to store and stream up to a terabyte of music, video, images and other data.

Two 500GB hard disk drives are at the heart of the machine, which can be merrily filled via the Home Share's Multi-Card Reader1 slot or USB ports in an instant thanks to the 'one touch copy' button.

Once it's part of your wireless network you can of course transfer files from other PCs straight over the airwaves. Also, thanks to 'VAIO Picture Lab' you can easily share pictures with friends over the web.

The Home Share is DLNA certified, too, which means it can seamlessly connect to other like-minded devices, such as the PlayStation3.

Elsewhere there were new additions to the VAIO range of Blu-ray, including the RT, the world's first all-in-one machine to use Intel's Core 2 Quad processor.

There's a 25.5in Full HD screen, a terabyte of storage space, an HDMI input and of course that Blu-ray disc drive. There are also LV and LN models with similar specification but smaller, 1920 x 1080 screens.